Shoe Troupe, “Dzong”

Dzongs are the whitewashed, imposing forts scattered throughout the Himalayas. Layers of hard material and reinforced granite keep out the elements and invaders, protecting the monastic life inside. They are externally solid, internally religious. The album Dzong is similarly bifurcated – adorned with thwacking snare drums, gamelan bells, table lamps and gongs, but primarily concerned with matters of the soul. The Troupe’s third straight album … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Dzong”


Shoe Troupe, “Tamizdat”

Tamizdat continues the direction of the Troupe’s last album – and the Rev Records debut – Good Day Monster by adding more conventional structures to outré lyrics and instrumentation. Synths and guitars meet spoons and kitchen counters, somehow forming killer hooks around which the Troupe examines, among other things, mnemonics and gulags. The result is as enveloping and immense as has come to be expected from the … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Tamizdat”

Good Day Monster

Shoe Troupe, “Good Day Monster”

Since 00shoe Troupe’s humble beginnings in sound experimentation, they have been characterized by both their range and their curiosity. Good Day Monster is no exception, seeing the motley musical collective exploring every corner of the musical universe, from ambient shoegaze to folk to pop. Their intricate sound stems from their sheer attempts at topping themselves, and the result is a collection of surprising, and surprisingly catchy, songs. … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Good Day Monster”