Murder Ballads & Lies

Laura Boggs, “Murder Ballads and Lies”

The second studio album by Laura Boggs, Murder Ballads and Lies, expands on virtually every aspect of her 2006 debut while retaining the essence of Boggs’s style. The record is a set of alt-folk Americana songs, primarily new material by Boggs, along with a few traditional tunes and covers (one by fellow the Rev artist Tom McWatters). Produced by Jon Krakat, Laura’s latest has a lushly arranged … Continue reading Laura Boggs, “Murder Ballads and Lies”

The Silver Screams, “All Summer in a Day”

All Summer In a Day is the debut full-length album by The Silver Screams, solo project by Bryan Hamill. A veteran of such Albany, NY bands as The Amazing Plaid and Zanharzt, Hamill spent two years recording songs whenever the mood struck him to do so. This, coupled with Hamill’s dramatically variant tastes and influences, formed what Hamill deems the record’s “variety show” feeling. Combining elements … Continue reading The Silver Screams, “All Summer in a Day”


Shoe Troupe, “Tamizdat”

Tamizdat continues the direction of the Troupe’s last album – and the Rev Records debut – Good Day Monster by adding more conventional structures to outré lyrics and instrumentation. Synths and guitars meet spoons and kitchen counters, somehow forming killer hooks around which the Troupe examines, among other things, mnemonics and gulags. The result is as enveloping and immense as has come to be expected from the … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Tamizdat”

Tom McWatters, “atomicwaters”

Tom McWatters’s full-length solo debut, atomicwaters, calls to mind all of the reasons his performances are so arresting. McWatters, mostly alone with his guitar and piano, displays both the poetic lyricism and dramatic delivery that his audiences have come to love. With additional sonic flourishes by John Brodeur and Frank Moscowitz, the songs, while spare, never feel small. With this record as with his performances, McWatters opens up an … Continue reading Tom McWatters, “atomicwaters”

Good Day Monster

Shoe Troupe, “Good Day Monster”

Since 00shoe Troupe’s humble beginnings in sound experimentation, they have been characterized by both their range and their curiosity. Good Day Monster is no exception, seeing the motley musical collective exploring every corner of the musical universe, from ambient shoegaze to folk to pop. Their intricate sound stems from their sheer attempts at topping themselves, and the result is a collection of surprising, and surprisingly catchy, songs. … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Good Day Monster”

Whiskey & Springtime

Laura Boggs, “Whiskey & Springtime”

Laura’s first album, and the first release by The Rev records, was recorded in September 2006 and is comprised of songs written over the past five years and perfected at coffee shop gigs and backyard jam sessions she affectionately terms “hootenanies.” The recordings fall somewhere between these two forums, evoking the intimacy of a small live performance as well as the collaborative improvisation of a … Continue reading Laura Boggs, “Whiskey & Springtime”