Bessam Idani and Bruce Richardson, “Nondivision”

NondivisionNondivision, the debut record by Bessam Idani and Bruce Richardson, is an expansive improvisational exploration combining elements of free-jazz, post-rock, and Arabic music. The two have honed their ability to play off one another both live and in overdubs, using layer upon layer of instrumentation to form epically dense compositions. Though it may be foolish to attempt to parse it out, the recording ends up sounding something like if John Coltrane and Comets on Fire were fused as the result of a teleportation mishap.

Nondivision was recorded at Richardson’s home in Albany. To name your own price for Live at the Dovecote, click “Download” in the Bandcamp player below.


TRR 013 · November 19, 2010