Shoe Troupe, “Dzong”

DzongDzongs are the whitewashed, imposing forts scattered throughout the Himalayas. Layers of hard material and reinforced granite keep out the elements and invaders, protecting the monastic life inside. They are externally solid, internally religious.

The album Dzong is similarly bifurcated – adorned with thwacking snare drums, gamelan bells, table lamps and gongs, but primarily concerned with matters of the soul. The Troupe’s third straight album recorded in a month for the RPM Challenge, “Dzong” tries on a number of genres over the course of almost 40 minutes. From moody post-rock (“Where Were We”) to dubstep (“Dzong”) to austere near-a capella ballads (“Cadillac”), Dzong shows the Troupe experimenting with purpose.

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TRR 011 · March 29, 2010