Sprucing Up

Welcome to the new home of The Rev Records. We sure are pleased to see you. We’ve cleaned up a bit around here, and hopefully made it easier for you to find the stuff you’re looking for. To let us know if something isn’t working as it should be, drop us a line at our Contact page. Continue reading Sprucing Up

Null Set

Republic of Fragments, “Null Set”

Republic of Fragments’ entry into the 2012 RPM Challenge reflects the eerie barrenness of the deep winter in which it was created. A suite in four main parts and five interludes, Null Set is a piece about the harshness of emptiness. To download Null Set, follow the link in the player below.http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=1741248801/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ TRR 016 · March 1, 2012 Continue reading Republic of Fragments, “Null Set”

Live at the Dovecote

Tom McWatters, “Live at the Dovecote”

Recorded in April 2011 at the (now sadly closed) Dovecote Artspace in Albany, Live at the Dovecote features a mix of McWatters’s old and new material stripped down to its essence. With nothing but an acoustic guitar to accompany his rich vocals, McWatters plays through selections from both of his solo albums, the self-titled release by his band The Sense Offenders, and previously unreleased tracks. To buy Live … Continue reading Tom McWatters, “Live at the Dovecote”

Republic of Fragments, “They Found Me Inside a Meteor”

The first solo outing by Harith Saam is a spare, synth-laden ambient record made for the 2011 RPM Challenge. It’s the perfect companion to everything from daydreaming to heavy contemplating. To download They Found Me Inside a Meteor, click “Download” in the Bandcamp player below. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=1763455116/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ TRR 014 · March 1, 2011 Continue reading Republic of Fragments, “They Found Me Inside a Meteor”


Bessam Idani and Bruce Richardson, “Nondivision”

Nondivision, the debut record by Bessam Idani and Bruce Richardson, is an expansive improvisational exploration combining elements of free-jazz, post-rock, and Arabic music. The two have honed their ability to play off one another both live and in overdubs, using layer upon layer of instrumentation to form epically dense compositions. Though it may be foolish to attempt to parse it out, the recording ends up … Continue reading Bessam Idani and Bruce Richardson, “Nondivision”

Tom McWatters, “A Beast Among the Civilized”

A Beast Among the Civilized, the second solo album by Tom McWatters, is a rollicking vaudevillian stage show of a record. McWatters uses elements of his history both as singer-songwriter and hard rocker to craft this latest work, a bombastic account of troubles both earthly and astronimical. Along with Albany music veterans Eric Halder, Bob Buckley, and Steve Candlen, McWatters fuses Tom-Waitsian honky-tonk, Gershwinian ballads, … Continue reading Tom McWatters, “A Beast Among the Civilized”


Shoe Troupe, “Dzong”

Dzongs are the whitewashed, imposing forts scattered throughout the Himalayas. Layers of hard material and reinforced granite keep out the elements and invaders, protecting the monastic life inside. They are externally solid, internally religious. The album Dzong is similarly bifurcated – adorned with thwacking snare drums, gamelan bells, table lamps and gongs, but primarily concerned with matters of the soul. The Troupe’s third straight album … Continue reading Shoe Troupe, “Dzong”

The Silver Screams, “Don’t Bogart the Eggnog”

The Silver Screams present their first EP, Don’t Bogart the Eggnog, a collection of Christmas songs written and recorded by Bryan Hamill in his home in Albany, NY. Hamill turns his lens on the holiday season, tackling such subjects as pets, knitting, and pastries, all in his signature eclectic bedroom-pop style. To buy Don’t Bogart the Eggnog, click “Buy” in the Bandcamp player below. TRR … Continue reading The Silver Screams, “Don’t Bogart the Eggnog”